Speech Recognition for Mac


For those of you that have been searching for a speech recognition for mac, we have some good news for you. Sure, you could always go out and purchase a cool program that may be useful for you, but Apple already has one of these built in that you can freely use. With this system, you do not have to do any type of voice training. You can use it right away with the built in microphone that is found on most Mac computers.


In order to get this system to show up, you need to go to the System Preferences. Once you are in the System Preferences, click on the icon that says "Speech." Look for the "Speech Recognition" tab and click on the radio button. By clicking on the radio button, you will be turning those "Speakable Items" on.


Yes, it is great using this hands free, but it could place a lot of work on your CPU because of the constant audio processing. Therefore, when you are not using it, you should disable the speakable items. There is a talk toggle menu that you can use in order to toggle the program on and off without having to hassle with it and go through System Preferences again.


In order to turn on the hands free use, under the Listening Method, change it to "Listen continuously without keyword." When you use this option, other than it putting a burden on that CPU, it is also going to require you to be in a quiet environment.


This does not work good when there is extra noises going on around you. For example, something as simple as a truck driving by could cause wild commands to go off on your pc. Point blank, the speech recognition for Mac is easy and fun to use.



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